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Episode 26: RTX Metal Gear

Brian Waddell joins us again to explain to us how RTX works. Gus takes on a deep dive with Kojima's exit from Metal Gear. News and fun times are abound! Give us a listen won't ya?!?

Episode 25: Sim City Inequalities and Super Scope Engines

Crystal starts a fun discussion about game engines. Carlo talks about all the different way Sim City has used garbage towns and DRM to ruin a good franchise. John Robert talks about the failed accessory the Super Scope! News and fun abound! Give it a listen!

Episode 24: Borderlands 3 with Wendy Starr

Wendy Starr gets beamed up into the KCGO UFO studio for a whole episode! We do a deep dive into all things regarding the Borderlands 3 reveal at PAX East. Crystal shows us why Gearbox's Randy Pitchford likes magic tricks so much. It's a lovely reunion to brighten your week!

Episode 23: Sekiros’ Artifact of Gary Oldman

Carlo dived into Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and gave us his initial observation. Crystal recognizes all of the contribution Gary Oldman has made to the video game community. John Robert deconstructs the failure of Artifact. We've got some rich content for you ear holes so give us a LISTEN!

Episode 22: Sex Workers’ Chaosbane on

Carlo and Crystal discuss sex workers and their influence on the gaming world. Brian Waddell from the 3-man Weave podcast tells all about Warhammer: Chaosbane. John Robert regrets his decisions in 1997 when he bought a handheld console. News and more! Check it out!

Episode 21: Women Gamers’ Super FX

We kick off women's history month with some women in gaming segments! Carlo cracks down on the THOT police and Thirsty boyz. Crystal helps us learn about some of the more influential women in gaming. John Robert gushes over the old SUPER FX chip that powered our beloved Starfox. News and more! It's a great time!

Episode 20: Aliens, Weapons and Momo OH MY!

Crystal asks us what our more memorable video games weapons are. John Robert tommy gun blasts out all of the games from the Alien franchise. Carlo is sick of people not even understanding when disinformation spreads faster than people can think. Fun news and fun times by all. HEY! LISTEN!

Episode 19: The Simpsons Games with Healthy History

The gang talks about all the different Simpsons games we've played over the past 25 years. Crystal takes us back in time to learn about the origins of Final Fantasy's creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. Gus reminds us that sometimes our unhealthy habits are what causes us to lag in games. Fun news and fun times! Let's brighten up your Monday!

Episode 18: Apex Brand Loyalty and Ridiculous RPG’s

John Robert talks about some of the more mundane and ridiculous side quests you can encounter in some RPG's. Carlo discusses brand loyalty and how it relates to the latest platform movement by Metro Exodus. We all become three little piggies and talk about our favorite fast food / gaming combos. News too! It's a win-win for everyone!

Episode 17: Apex Legends and The Accessible State of the Gamer Union

We dive head first into APEX LEGENDS. Crystal questions has us all thinking about accessibility and the strives Microsoft is making to make gaming accessible to everyone. Gus gives the State of the Gamer Union speech. Gaming news and a lot more await your quivering ears! Give us a listen!

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