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Episode 19: The Simpsons Games with Healthy History

The gang talks about all the different Simpsons games we've played over the past 25 years. Crystal takes us back in time to learn about the origins of Final Fantasy's creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. Gus reminds us that sometimes our unhealthy habits are what causes us to lag in games. Fun news and fun times! Let's brighten up your Monday!

Episode 18: Apex Brand Loyalty and Ridiculous RPG’s

John Robert talks about some of the more mundane and ridiculous side quests you can encounter in some RPG's. Carlo discusses brand loyalty and how it relates to the latest platform movement by Metro Exodus. We all become three little piggies and talk about our favorite fast food / gaming combos. News too! It's a win-win for everyone!

Episode 17: Apex Legends and The Accessible State of the Gamer Union

We dive head first into APEX LEGENDS. Crystal questions has us all thinking about accessibility and the strives Microsoft is making to make gaming accessible to everyone. Gus gives the State of the Gamer Union speech. Gaming news and a lot more await your quivering ears! Give us a listen!

Episode 16: Resident Evil Total Conversion

Gus talks about how the new Resident Evil 2 is amazing. John Robert walks us through some game engines that got the total conversion treatment from their fans. We also answer the question, "Do city planners and governments need access to real time data in the form of a Sim City game?" News and much more! JOIN US!

Episode 15: Kratos Breakfast’s Free Fallout

Alt_Tab_Matt from the Independence Day minute podcast joins us to give a final postmortem on Fallout 76. Crystal regales us with the history of Kratos since she's playing the heck out of God of War. Carlo talks about some of the more effed up things eSports betting is causing to happen. Fun times had by all! JOIN US!

Episode 14: MAGFest and Dave’s Tabletop Diner

Dave Pallas from the Five Minutes of Mystery podcast catapults into our podcast to promote Dragoon and detective tabletop games. We have streaming guru of MAGFest Rob Pierce to regale us of his depraved experiences during the conf in Philly. You don't want to miss this. It's a content buffet!

Episode 13: Budget Gaming and “The Discussion” Part 2

Carlo, JR and Crystal talk about different ways to game on a budget in 2019. Crystal belatedly celebrates 2018 with champagne. Carlo completely blows the lid of the discussion we started last episode. It's a good one folks, you don't want to miss this!

Episode 11: Science Policing the GOTY Awards

Super human astronomicist Dennis Just from the Orbital Mechanics podcast joins us to talk about the death and return of couch co-op. We reminisce about Halo infinite and dig into how realistic those mega structures actually are. Space Elevators, MegaTouch, Titty Pickin, The 2018 PC Gamer GOTY Awards, news and much much more!

Episode 10: Bethesda’s Bane

Brian Waddell from the Three Man Weave podcast helps us keep Bethesda's behavior over the past few weeks in check! We look at some of the most cheesy ways to best some of gaming's most difficult enemies and much more!

Episode 9: Tinfoil Emulators

Carlo dons his tinfoil hat once again, Crystal talks about the history of emulators and John Robert takes us through some memorable licensed games made to promote movies! All of this plus some fresh gaming news! JOIN US!