Keep Calm and Game On

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Episode 30: Crappy Game Covers and Chris Avellone

Crystal Beth is back to give us the down low on Chris Avellone. Gus talks health and the Minecraft anniversary. John Robert remembers some of the worst game cartridge cover art ever to be conceived. It's a fun one folks! Listen!

Episode 29: ProJared Sonic Microlitigations

We're in our new KCGO UFO studios for the first time! We talk about the ProJared drama, the real attempt in the Senate to ban microtransactions in games designed for children and of course we have to talk about that weird Sonic movie. All this and news! It's a fun one!

Bye Week 1: KCGO Studios Moves Locations!

We're taking this week off to move! Stay tuned to next week after we've taken care of all our personal BS!

Episode 28: Metal Gear Madness and Risk of Rain 2

Carlo goes deep into Kojima's motivations behind all things metal gear. Noam Chomsky joins us! John Robert talks about the rogue like that has just taken over his life, RISK OF RAIN 2! It's a good one folks!

Episode 27: Carlo’s VR, Wolcen and badly aged games

Carlo talks about the new HTC Vive Pro he just got. John Robert gets into the dirt of it and talks about games that haven't aged well. We have Brian Waddell back on again to talk about how the recent patch notes of Wolcen turned it into a completely different game. Lots of juicy content here! Give it a listen!

Episode 26: RTX Metal Gear

Brian Waddell joins us again to explain to us how RTX works. Gus takes on a deep dive with Kojima's exit from Metal Gear. News and fun times are abound! Give us a listen won't ya?!?

Episode 25: Sim City Inequalities and Super Scope Engines

Crystal starts a fun discussion about game engines. Carlo talks about all the different way Sim City has used garbage towns and DRM to ruin a good franchise. John Robert talks about the failed accessory the Super Scope! News and fun abound! Give it a listen!

Episode 24: Borderlands 3 with Wendy Starr

Wendy Starr gets beamed up into the KCGO UFO studio for a whole episode! We do a deep dive into all things regarding the Borderlands 3 reveal at PAX East. Crystal shows us why Gearbox's Randy Pitchford likes magic tricks so much. It's a lovely reunion to brighten your week!

Episode 23: Sekiros’ Artifact of Gary Oldman

Carlo dived into Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and gave us his initial observation. Crystal recognizes all of the contribution Gary Oldman has made to the video game community. John Robert deconstructs the failure of Artifact. We've got some rich content for you ear holes so give us a LISTEN!

Episode 22: Sex Workers’ Chaosbane on

Carlo and Crystal discuss sex workers and their influence on the gaming world. Brian Waddell from the 3-man Weave podcast tells all about Warhammer: Chaosbane. John Robert regrets his decisions in 1997 when he bought a handheld console. News and more! Check it out!