Keep Calm and Game On

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Episode 3: Blizzcon 2018

We cover Steve Bannon keynoting a gaming conference, Crystal teaches us about the history of the Nintendo company, John Robert has a Diablo story to tell you and Carlo has all first hand experience from BLIZZCON 2018!!

Episode 2: Old Friends

In this episode we talk about the Xbox Gamepass coming to PC, Megaman games with TJ Del Reno from the Unlimited Lives podcast, Carlo talks about the portrayal of gamers' mental health in the mass media and Crystal gives a quiz!

Episode 1: Pilot

 It's our inaugural episode! We start off with some headlines followed by a discussion of some of the hardest games we've ever played. Crystal gives us a history lesson in Tomb Raider. Gus_53 lets us in on his plans for eSports reports and the future.