Keep Calm and Game On

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Episode 38: Darius Tamagotchi ESPYs

We fly Silverhawks and talk about the Darius franchise. Crystal helps us remember Tamagotchis. Gus looks at gaming at the ESPYs. News and LOTS O FUN!

Episode 37: Toxic Mordhau and Randy Pitchford

Mordhau is attracting some really toxic speech to it's cyber lobbies. Randy Pitchford poofed $12 million from Gearbox??! JR and Carlo have a great time talking about these things. Give it a liss liss!

Episode 36: Hyperspace Carlo in Denver!

Carlo flies to Denver! JR takes him to Hyperspace Retro Arcade! Tycho the puppy bumps the microphone! YOU CAN FEEL THE FRIENDSHIP in this very special episode!

Episode 35: Holdenators HOOOO!

Holden McNeely from vast Internet fame joins us to talk Nintendo at E3 but more so guides us on a journey to discover our true creative selves. Carlo, Crystal and John Robert all find their third eye. HOOOOOOO!

Episode 34: E3 2019

We take a deep dive in this extra long episode talking about all the games presented at the major conferences of E3. Ubisoft, Bethesda, Microsoft, Nintendo Direct, Square Enix and the PC Gaming Show are all here! It's a buffet of content for your earholes!

Episode 33: Video Game Addiction and E3 Pump Up

Carlo talks about how the WHO officially classifies video game addiction. Crystal remembers some of her favorite E3 moments. John Robert talks about some of the games we won't be seeing this year at E3. It's a fun listen! News and more!

Episode 32: Earth Souls and Darkworm Jim

John Robert and Carlo get thoroughly lost on the lore of Dark Souls. Gus talks about the Earthworm Jim remaster and nostalgia. Jon Romero and the new DOOM mods! News and more! it's a fun one folks!

Episode 31: Powerups, Paranoia & Pets in Games

We look at mainstream and obscure powerups in the old mario games. Carlo dusts off his tinfoil hat for a second. Crystal tells about her favorite pets in games. News and more! Happy Memorial Day!

Episode 30: Crappy Game Covers and Chris Avellone

Crystal Beth is back to give us the down low on Chris Avellone. Gus talks health and the Minecraft anniversary. John Robert remembers some of the worst game cartridge cover art ever to be conceived. It's a fun one folks! Listen!

Episode 29: ProJared Sonic Microlitigations

We're in our new KCGO UFO studios for the first time! We talk about the ProJared drama, the real attempt in the Senate to ban microtransactions in games designed for children and of course we have to talk about that weird Sonic movie. All this and news! It's a fun one!