Keep Calm and Game On

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Episode 42: Video Games Don’t Cause Violence

Brian Waddell joins us to talk about why video games don't cause gun violence. John Robert is looking at all the different VR headsets out there. Carlo talks about the next season of One Punch Man. It's a good one!!!

Episode 41: Interview with MHSwift

Rob Myers IV joins us to talk about his experience with trying to become a pro gamer. It's a healthy helping of friendship and compelling stories in this one. Have a listen!

Episode 40: Defend the North and a super fast mouse

Carlo summarizes his experience at Defend the North and talks about wellness and gaming based off what happened there. John Robert looks at some of the unnecessary peripherals eSports athletes use. Crystal gives us a fun quiz! News and more!

Episode 39: Go! Kirby, First Memories and Jeremy Bent!

Carlo talks about real life Pokemon Snap, wellness and accessibility. John Robert looks at all the different powers Kirby can have. Crystal helps us remember some of our first gaming experiences. Jeremy Bent aka C-53 from MISSION TO ZYXX joins us to talk about his gaming habits. It's a great episode!

Episode 38: Darius Tamagotchi ESPYs

We fly Silverhawks and talk about the Darius franchise. Crystal helps us remember Tamagotchis. Gus looks at gaming at the ESPYs. News and LOTS O FUN!

Episode 37: Toxic Mordhau and Randy Pitchford

Mordhau is attracting some really toxic speech to it's cyber lobbies. Randy Pitchford poofed $12 million from Gearbox??! JR and Carlo have a great time talking about these things. Give it a liss liss!

Episode 36: Hyperspace Carlo in Denver!

Carlo flies to Denver! JR takes him to Hyperspace Retro Arcade! Tycho the puppy bumps the microphone! YOU CAN FEEL THE FRIENDSHIP in this very special episode!

Episode 35: Holdenators HOOOO!

Holden McNeely from vast Internet fame joins us to talk Nintendo at E3 but more so guides us on a journey to discover our true creative selves. Carlo, Crystal and John Robert all find their third eye. HOOOOOOO!

Episode 34: E3 2019

We take a deep dive in this extra long episode talking about all the games presented at the major conferences of E3. Ubisoft, Bethesda, Microsoft, Nintendo Direct, Square Enix and the PC Gaming Show are all here! It's a buffet of content for your earholes!

Episode 33: Video Game Addiction and E3 Pump Up

Carlo talks about how the WHO officially classifies video game addiction. Crystal remembers some of her favorite E3 moments. John Robert talks about some of the games we won't be seeing this year at E3. It's a fun listen! News and more!