Keep Calm and Game On

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Episode 49: Blizzcon React!

John Robert and Crystal react to all of the news coming from Blizzcon. From the CEO's apology to the Diablo IV reveal, we react to it all!

Episode 48: China and Fallout Whale Hunting

Brian Waddell joins us to talk about the influence China is having on gaming and our culture at large. We talk about the shitty Fallout 76 whale hunting campaign Bethesda just deployed. We're back from our time off and back in the saddle!

Episode 47: Ethical Advertising and A Call to Gamestop

Carlo talks about the evolution of advertising in games and media. John Robert talks about classic WoW addons that'll improve your experience. A customer calls into Gamestop looking for a specific game. News and more! It's a fun time!!!

Episode 46: MMO Exploits and Better Game Movies

We explore some of the tools that wussy newbs use to cheat at online games. Carlo talks about the progression of video game movies from the 80's to now. Enrich your week with our sultry voices!

Episode 45: Interview with Frank Barbiere

Video game and comic writer Frank Barbiere joins us to talk about his journey to becoming a video game writer. It's a story full of juicy insider industry stuff that us gaming nerds love! News too! Give it a listen!

Bye Week 2: Electric Boogaloo

We take a week off! Thanks for sticking with us!

Episode 44: A Raided Arcade and Pac-man Origins

Operating an arcade in the Philippines during the late 70's came with it's fair share of risk. We interview James Joseph on his experience with owning an arcade during this tumultuous time. Also, Crystal is back with some Pac-man origins! It's a show chock-full of amazing content! Give it a listen!

Episode 43: VR Titles and a Tinfoil hat

John Robert talks about all the best titles out for VR right now. Gus puts on his tinfoil hat and shows JR what kind of effed up dystopia he's trying to create. It's a fun one!

Episode 42: Video Games Don’t Cause Violence

Brian Waddell joins us to talk about why video games don't cause gun violence. John Robert is looking at all the different VR headsets out there. Carlo talks about the next season of One Punch Man. It's a good one!!!

Episode 41: Interview with MHSwift

Rob Myers IV joins us to talk about his experience with trying to become a pro gamer. It's a healthy helping of friendship and compelling stories in this one. Have a listen!